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Snowfall at JE HQ!

This week has more or less ground to a halt on the racing front. Here in the Borders we were hit with heavy snow fall last Saturday evening (5 inches). Almost a week later the ground is still hugely covered in snow and with temperatures dropping to as low as minus 11, with this the snow has turned to ice making the roads bear a resemblance to an ice rink!


With this spout of bad weather we have seen the abandonment of many race cards, many of which we were hoping to attend, such as; Sedgefield, Carlisle and Doncaster.

Thankfully the facilities we have in place here at JE HQ, namely the Gallop and Walker and combined with the superb team of staff it have enabled us to continue to keep horses in full training at least!

Some nights have been spent with me harrowing the gallops until 10pm and then restarting alongside Gallop Man Andy Warwick at 6am to keep the frost at bay and the track soft and in use!...The tractors have indeed been tested but the Gallop has been a god send!

The work routine has changed somewhat due to this as usually pre Gallop work would consist of road work firstly, but as all surrounding roads are out of bounds – certainly for hooves we have been making full use of the Walker and Gallop as a walk/trot warm up followed by a steady canter.

We have a number of entries this week at Catterick Bridge, Ayr , Kelso, Musselburgh, Haydock and Carlisle, of which we hope will not be abandoned.

Have a good weekend all,

Cheltenham Preview Night

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