Happy New Year and How did I get here?

Happy New Year and How did I get here?

Well I was going to begin by wishing you a Happy New Year...but I’m not sure if I have missed the cut off point?

It’s usually after the first few days of January, around the 4th/5th where it is an awkward stage of seeing someone for the first time since 31st December and not knowing whether to wish them a Happy New Year or just a polite ‘Hello’. I’ve always thought there should be a set date and time, where there is a ‘cut off point’ to stop wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Is there set rules? Is it just to anyone you see in the first few days of the New Year? Or is this used at any point when seeing someone for the first time that year? What happens if I don’t see them until June?

I had someone approach me at Ayr Racecourse on the 2nd of January who wished me a Happy New Year, but I hadn’t seen them in 6 years, so I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to have wished them well for the previous 5 too?... Or the next 6 if I’m not to see them for that period of time again? Anyways…Best Wishes to you all for 2017!

2017 started off in style for #TeamEwart, as the ‘character’ of a horse Touch Of Steel, came from the back and casually ambled across the finish line in 1st place, with Lucy Alexander on board. An like buses, after you wait so long for one, two come along at once... Or maybe more like a train, the way he steamed home... Landmarque ensured that the yard was back to form when he won fantastically at Musselburgh on the 3rd, under 5lb claimer Steven Fox.

It has been no secret that over the last couple of months the yard has been out of form, with horses not being well in themselves. With the help of Irish Equine, we were able to source the issues and most importantly put them right. Like humans, some horses will take longer than others to get back on track and be back to 100% but we know that we are on the right track and thank all of our owners for their patience over the last few months.

At the Yard

Dale Irving has moved on to pastures new, after many years here at The Craig. With many rides and some fantastic wins in his time, everyone here at James Ewart Racing would like to wish Dale all the very best in the future.

On any racing yard the festive period is a very busy time for us and credit has to go to not only our staff but all the yard staff throughout the country, who continue to work assiduously on Christmas Day and New Years Day, to ensure that it is business as usual and that the horses have the care and attention they need, whatever day of the year it is.

Away from the Yard

Well there hasn’t really been an away from the yard? Not that I am complaining as I love what I do and when I’m not at the yard, I’m away racing. For me, coming out of the ‘football world’ and going back into the ‘real world’, it was important to be doing something that I loved and being back in a competitive sporting environment.

I do sometimes take a step back and look at the extraordinary changes in my life. Those moments of ‘How did I get here?’ Not at all in a bad way but in all the back luck that I have had in my injury to stop me playing football, I am very lucky in being able to still do something that I have such a passion for.

One of those moments came at Doncaster in December, when we ran both Aristo Du Plessis and Lycidas in the same race. The last time I had been to Doncaster was to play at the ‘Keepmoat Stadium’, in my spell with Scunthorpe United. So it came to no surprise when I got lost on the way to the racecourse after subconsciously following signs for ‘Football Traffic’.

Leading up at the time Scotland’s highest rated Aristo Du Plessis, on a busy Saturday afternoon at the home of the St Ledger, I took one look up the grandstand and another look at the perfectly turned out Aristo and smiled...’How did I get here?’

Sedgefield preview 18th April 2017
Cheltenham Preview Night

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