Established in 2012, our racehorse syndicate is one of the best value ways to own a racehorse in Great Britain. Receive exclusive ownership benefits and enjoy a selection of our high-quality racehorses.

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What is a Racehorse Syndicate?

A syndicate is a group of people who share the ownership of a racehorse. This includes the costs and fun of the experience.

CFS silksWhat are the Benefits?

At James Ewart Racing you can enjoy:

  • Days at the races including an all-season box at Kelso
  • Regular updates about your horses from the Craig Farm Syndicate
  • An invite to our yearly Owners’ Party including a horse parade
  • An exceptional Trainer and the opportunity for year-round stable visits

 What are the Costs?

A capped rate of £27.50 per week, with no hidden costs or purchase fees. 

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Syndicate Testimonial

Would highly recommend anyone to join Craig farm membership.

Excellent stable with some lovely horses and everyone very friendly and hard working.

I have had a lot of fun as a member.  One is kept well informed about the horses and plans.

Penelope Scrope