Racehorse Ownership – Sole, Co ownership & Syndicates 

Sole Ownership explained…

The owner 100% outright owns the horse, either purchased within or outside of the stable. The owner must be registered – including colours, with Weatherby’s and serves liability of the ownership under the Rules of Racing. The owner will be invoiced training fees on a monthly basis, in accordance with the agreed training fee option/rate in line as outlined in the stable training contract.


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Co Ownership & Syndicates

Racehorse Syndicates and Co-ownership are becoming widely popular in horseracing and also for us here at James Ewart Racing. These types of ownership allow the opportunity for anyone to become involved in a sport they love without hitting the purse strings hard. At James Ewart Racing it is important for us to welcome new owners to the yard, not only from a business point of view but to also introduce and allow anyone to become part of an exciting sport.

Co Ownership explained…

Co ownership usually means that more than one person owns a horse. If the stable has a horse for sale within the yard then the owner would pay an upfront purchase fee, in accordance with the required percentage of shares, unless the horse is leased. Thereafter the owner will then be invoiced monthly with training fees according to the owned percentage and agreed training fee option/rate in line with the stables training contract. Please note that our minimum share in any type of joint ownership is 5%.

Syndicates explained…

Syndicates at James Ewart Racing come in various forms, they can be similar to co ownership, and where the syndicate holds a set percentage of the horse. However in a syndicate there can be a number of members, usually from 2-20 – however, 2 do need to be registered as owners with Weatherby’s and must act as the nominated partners, jointly serving liability of the group under the Rules of Racing.

Syndicates can be set up by the members and named in accordance with the member i.e. a racing club, fun group name, company name etc. 


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At James Ewart Racing we have also set up The Craig Farm Syndicate fully managed by the stable.  We offer a horse/s for lease under this banner and the members are fully responsible for training fees according to the agreed shares that they have committed to for the season. The purpose of this syndicate is to allow a group of enthusiastic race goers to become a part of a unique sport. It is also a fun way of ownership. We have branded the syndicate with our very own ‘Turnbull’ tartan and racing colours are already registered to match- which you will see on our Lorries, website and various correspondence and advertising. 


In The Press...

 'Civil Unrest is trained by James Ewart who must be one of the most innovative trainers in the country. I visited his yard last year for the opening of his new Tapeta training gallops and was hugely impressed not just by the cleanliness of the yard – his boxes are steam cleaned every week – but by the varied nature of the training regime.  The horses train not only on the Tapeta surface, which is excellent for the horses’ joints and on a deep sand track, but they also hack up into the hills through the forests that surround his lovely yard which can only stimulate and keep them interested.

His results are starting to show the attention to detail that goes into all aspects of the operation. James had 14 winners from 127 runners in all National Hunt disciplines last season but has already sent out 7 winners from 46 runners this season'.

(David Maclean, Freelance Racing Writer, Eclipse Magazine

Owner Testimonials

‘’Firstly the greeting from you both is so welcoming and the experience of your yard you give off is absolutely great, I have only been twice and feel a million dollars after the visit both times. Even the staff at your place are very nice. Your yard is without doubt very professional and everything is very warm and you feel part of family. - Which I have to say you must always keep up as its brilliant!

My family literally can’t wait for a day out, we are so impressed with the way the horses are treated and kept... They will be fighting for ticket to come and see the horse!

I am really excited for a long and successful time with the yard".

(Kirk Wilson, Ca Le Ferra, Roc De Prince, Sa Suffit)


Congratulations to all the team on getting shortlisted for the D&G Business Awards, you all work so hard and give so much back to the owners. Kelso was fantastic and you make us feel so welcome when we visit the stables, good luck!

(David, Val, Nick and Julie, RocklimSnuker)