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Looking Forward...

As flat racing looks set to resume on 1st June – please see article below – we are planning to bring the horses back into training  next week and ask our full team to return as it is planned that jump racing will start again in July.

We are so grateful for everyone’s patience and generosity of spirit to keep the show on the road and we look forward to receiving more details about the start of jump racing before long.


The first horses are shod


We are ready to go!


Brant Dunshea, chief regulatory officer at the British Horseracing Authority, has expressed his confidence that racing will be able to resume in Britain on June 1.

Racing was last staged on March 17 and the Government announced earlier this month that no professional sport, even behind closed doors, would take place before June 1 at the earliest.

The BHA on Saturday published its protocols for resuming behind closed doors at Newcastle on that date, and Dunshea said it had been recognised that racing differed in its make-up from sports such as football and rugby.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden suggested at the beginning of the week a return for top-flight football could be "mid-June at the earliest", but Dunshea told Racing TV's Luck On Sunday programme: "I think what we have got to understand is that all the way through this process in our engagement with Government it has been recognised that we are different to the other sports that are being referred to.

"We are largely a rural-based sport, we are an outdoor environment - both our training and racing environments are outdoor and pose lower level of risk and position us as a very different sport to football and rugby, for example.

"I'm very, very comfortable that our sport is being seen as a different sport to other contact sports by Government, and I'm sure in the broader context of that comment it was focusing more on the contact sports rather than sports such as racing.

"It's been recognised by Government at a number of levels that we are different and we appreciate that, because we have been advocating all the way through that we have our own unique circumstances which shape our sport."

He added: "What I will say is I'm incredibly confident that we will be racing on June 1. We can't control what decisions Government make, but we are incredibly confident.

"We are working hard and planning towards June 1 being our resumption date and we are all very excited about that."


As you will know, this year we have had most of the horses turned out at Craig and this has worked very well.   The dry conditions have affected the rate of growth for the grass but on the plus side it has been wonderful for the horses to have so much sun on their backs and they have been very happy here. 

In April James managed to secure one of Heathrow’s rubbish collecting machines and it was retrained to collect all the droppings in the paddocks!  This has been a great success as horses very quickly sour pasture unless you keep on top of the muck collection.

Muck collector

The new muck collector in action

There has been a huge amount of work going on in the yard with cleaning and painting and general improvements.   David now has a new store room thanks to John and James has turned his hand to gardening again using the redundant field troughs as raised beds.  As well as sorting out the tack, rugs and making a new portable medication board, Briony has taken part in fund raising events connected to Covid-19.

Vegetable troughs

Up-cycled vegetable beds

Jamess vegetables

...and the results!


Glistening tack

This week the project has been to move the hedge outside the office to give a better view of the yard.

Hedge removal

Look no hedge

Lucy and Boswell

Boswell and Lucy oversee the work

Briony was asked to hunt out some old articles recently and thought a few might be of interest (our first winner The Morebattle at Kelso) with Kimbambo who Neil sourced in France at the St Cloud sales.    The sand gallops goes in reaping reward which includes a picture of Overlady and we now have two products of hers which are just starting their training careers.

News cuttings

Our first winner - Kingmambo winning the Morebattle hurdle at Kelso

Sand gallops

Report on the new sand gallop

When we have full details about the easing of lockdown restrictions in Scotland we very much hope that visits to the yard will be able to resume.   It looks as if life as we knew it before the lockdown will take a long time to resume and some things will probably be changed for ever but we are all looking forward to  less restrictions.


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