James Ewart Racing is located approximately 3 miles to the East of the Scottish Border town of Langholm also known as the ‘Muckle Toon’. Langholm is situated on the A7, giving us readymade access to major roads and facilities whilst having the luxury of being set in some of the most beautiful scenery in the UK.

Langholm is surrounded by four hills, the highest being Whita Hill at 300m, which is where the famous ‘Monument’ stands to honour the life and achievements of Sir John Malcolm. To the side of this on the Castle Hill also rests a memorial in honour of Hugh Macdiarmid -home to Langholm this famous Scottish poet honourable cast iron monument takes the form of a large open book depicting images from his writings. The other hills are Warblaw, Meikleholmhill and the Castle Hill, with the town sitting snug into the valley of these surroundings.

Langholm predominantly grew around the textile industry but with the demise of this is now seen as a great community town with ample involvement in arts, crafts, sports and leisure.  

James Ewart Racing is based at Craig Farm and sits in the valley of Ewes just on the outskirts of Langholm, our location is idyllic, peaceful and surrounded by ample forestry, making it an ideal setting for training the young racehorse.

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