Craig Farm

James Ewart Racing is based at Craig Farm, which has been the Ewart family home for over 30 years. The farm is set in the valley of Eskdalemuir, which is just 3 miles to the outskirts of the Scottish Border town of Langholm.

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Craig Farm is a typical 500 hectare plus hill farm, the farmhouse and buildings sit deep into the Border Esk valley at 400 feet above sea level, with the grazing land running alongside the Craig Burn for up to 1365 feet. The surroundings are stunning, with an abundance of forestry and rolling hills; perfect for training the young racehorse.

Based at Craig Farm are James parents Neil and Sally Ewart, with sons James and William residing nearby and their third son; Harry choosing to escape to the bright lights of London!

The farm is home to two business’s, with Neil and William Ewart running ‘The Craig Farm Company’. Here they organically rear and farm ewes’ sheep and Angus cattle, and more noticeably to the landscape the wind turbine project. This consists of 4 statuesque wind turbines that stand at 60 metres in height and generate electricity to 5400 homes.

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The second business is James Ewart Racing; the yard resides to the back of the main house at Craig Farm. Over the years the expansion of James Ewart Racing has been impressive to say the least and the Craig can now house over 50 horses with outstanding training facilities. This combined with the forestry tracks and hills surrounding the yard make for the perfect set up for racehorse training.

William Ewart is also a keen racehorse breeder and with the help of his father, James and his wife Briony they have produced many homebreds at Craig Farm. These horses can now be seen standing in the stalls at James Ewart Racing with Snuker, Ueueteotl and Zaru to name but a few.