The Stables

Well-Equipped Equine Facilities for Race Horses

Stone Buildings

The stables set in the original farm buildings are spacious boxes with concrete walls. Some of these stalls include open windows and sit alongside the corridor to our tack room, thus allowing the horses to look out across the yard and also interact with their stable mates and staff on a regular basis! 

Wooden Boxes

Our wooden boxes were an addition to our set up not long after we first started to operate at James Ewart Racing, and sit in front of the Stone Buildings. The boxes are Derby House Stables; which are spacious, well ventilated, and individual and compromise of 6 loose stables in total. We have now added bespoke Monarch Equestrian windows into the back walls to allow more ventilation and socialising and also to allow the sun to flood in on good days. These can also be shut up on rainy ones!

Snowdrop View Boxes

Similar to the Wooden Boxes in principal, perhaps more bespoke and tailored to our requirements. The Snowdrop View Boxes consist of 8 well ventilated loose boxes with concrete walls and half grilled division panels to allow the racehorses in this row to socialise with one another. These stables sit to the back of the Manége and look out onto The Craig Farm family home and gardens – very peaceful surroundings!

The Monarch Barn

Originally housing for cattle on the farm, James Ewart Racing then took to revamping the Barn. No longer a ‘slatted floor shed’ this space is now home to 11 quality internal Monarch Equestrian stables.

All boxes are well ventilated with Monarch Equestrian Half Grilled Division Panels, which also allow all horses stabled to socialise yet maintain individual privacy. The doors are all sliding and feed mangers are located to the front wall of the stable that rotate to the inside and outside of the stable, making it safer for the horse and handler, especially at feed time!

Willies Barn

A new installation to the stable for 2014 and named in memory of former Head Lad and the very much missed Willie Cowe, a set of 4 wooden stables which are well ventillated loose boxes. Situated opposite the SnowDrop View Boxes. 

Green Barn

Originally another area for the cattle this barn has now been revamped and consists of 4 very large stalls perfectly suited to horses on box rest, as this gives them the space to move around. There are also 4 stables similar to those in the Monarch Barn, with green plastic kick boards and usually home to our Point to Pointers/Mares and fillies.

Dutch Barn

3 large stalls, which again we tend to use for horses at rest due to the space, these stalls run alongside the Snowdrop View Boxes and those stabled in here also have a lovely view of some of the hills surrounding James Ewart Racing – very peaceful and serine!

All of our stables have rubber matted floors, corner feed or rotating feed mangers, salt blocks, mineral blocks, ample bedding and in most cases heat lamps in the colder boxes for when the weather is at its worst. They are always fully disinfected and painted each year and this season with the aid of the new fogging machine we do weekly disinfection to keep to the highest standard.

It is important that we utilise our stabling in the best possible way for the benefit of our horses and staff. Racehorses are stabled for long periods of the day throughout the racing season; it is our job to ensure that our horses are comfortable, happy and looked after to the highest standards for optimum performance.

Stable Expansion Plans

As some of you may be aware we have some very exciting plans for the future of James Ewart Racing. Our dream is to build our very own bespoke yard in the grounds of Craig Farm.  This will be a courtyard with all boxes facing inwards so that they can be viewed from the house and office.

With planning permission now in place we can start to build our dream. The expansion will include 60 loose boxes, a garage for the Lorries, feed, bedding and hay storage, a 4 bedroom onsite house overlooking the gallops and state of the art facilities for our racehorses’ staff and owners.

The Stables