The Sand Gallop


Sand Gallop


The sand gallops offer resistance training on a consistent surface which gives even stride patterns. This helps to improve and increase the length of the horse’s stride.

Our Sand Gallops otherwise known as ‘The Langholm Gallops’ have the following parameters:

  • 5 furlongs distance
  • 12 metres wide
  • 1 metre deep

There is an interior and exterior white plastic racing rail with a central running rail on the straight. This allows for a division between schooling obstacles and the flat track.

Schooling obstacles include:

  • 6 reversible jumping fences
  • Rubber matting for safety
  • Set at a 45-degree angle with a kickboard

The sand gallops are machine rotavated daily and can be harrowed dependent on schooling needs and requirements. Therefore, the quality of the surface is outstanding.

If you wish to view or hire our facilities, please call our friendly team: 013873 70707

"I like the Langholm Gallop a lot and use it every week to get my horses fit and well prepared for their races- it is a fantastic facility to be able to use"

Tristan DavidsonTrainer

We used James Ewart’s all-weather gallops last season when the wintery weather deemed we could not get the horses galloped at home. It was also a brilliant opportunity to get the younger inexperienced horses away from home into a different atmosphere, and allow them to see white railings before they had to brave the racecourse for the first time.

Katie Scott, Point-to-Point Trainer