Gallop Hire

James Ewart Racing is located on the outskirts of the beautiful Scottish border town of Langholm, Dumfriesshire. The yard sits amongst idyllic hills and forestry and is a perfect location for schooling your horse. At the yard we boast a 5 ½ furlong oval shaped sand gallop with schooling obstacles that is available for hire.

James Ewart Racing Langholm Gallops are available for hire, so come along and train your racehorse.

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Gallop Information

-       5 ½ Furlong

-       Schooling Obstacles

-       Winged Fences

-       Full Track Railing

-       Can be used in both directions to build up muscle evenly

-       Sand gallop- the natural choice to improve stride pattern & reduce wear & tear to legs.

-       Flat consistent surface

-       Available for use all year round, stands up to all weather conditions

-       Maintained everyday

-       Yard location in easy access to main northern roads- M6 and A7

To arrange hire of the gallops please contact the James Ewart Racing office.

Prices start from £15 per horse, price negotiable dependant on use age and offers are available.



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Gallop Testimonial

We used James Ewart’s all-weather gallops last season when the wintery weather deemed we could not get the horses galloped at home. It was a huge advantage getting the horses worked through all of the bad weather, and maintaining their fitness contributed hugely to the horse’s winning performances throughout the season. It was also a brilliant opportunity to get the younger inexperienced horses away from home into a different atmosphere, and allow them to see white railings before they had to brave the racecourse for the first time.

Katie Scott, Point-to-Point Trainer

Northern Area Mens Open Point to Point Champion; Tristan Davidson uses the Langholm Gallop two or three times per week to train his horses. Tristan previously trained Aikman on the sand who went on to win 3 point to points, his own ‘Peter Charles’ was also a winner last season.

“ I like the Langholm Gallop a lot and use it every week to get my horses fit and well prepared for their races- it is a fantastic facility to be able to use “

Tristan Davidson, Trainer