All the horses are on the road again this week - even me! To do the necessary road work.

We have had Otto's Christening my nephew once removed (hence the party fascinator) he is great whenever I visit he lets me play with all his toys!


Also visits from great grannie and Sarah from Ibiza - is she our furthest follower??!

Dad out of retirement this week to ride the Un Named Scorpion horse (n.b. that was the answer to the fishy connection in my last blog).

Some new faces to the team this week with Vanessa Robb and Dan Brown - welcome! I will have to get them trained on my backhanders (pistachio nuts are my favourite snack I challenge anyone to beat me at opening them).

Also new horses Tersor De L'Isle (wow was dad's comment) Sacre Toi and Sleep in First (David's new favourite) lots of fighting going on about who will look after them.

David T still not back to work hummm a whole month without Alison's ginger cake? I see he is off sunning himself (Again!!) back in Greece and I here - at least we know where he lives now to make sure he returns in September... Sharivarry is waiting for you!

Sadly Laura and my naughty friends Maddie and Max have moved back into the world of textiles in Manchester but thank goodness she is still editing my blog and captain of the website which will all be updated this week with us all burning the midnight oil on it.

Anyway back to work.

Have a good one!

Luce x
Cheltenham Preview Night

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