Lucy's Own Christmas Day Quiz!

Quiet jealous that Mr Hughes had a whole page in the RPost last Sunday, I have only ever had a couple of lines mention so I thought I would do my very own 'you'll be wanting to know what I had for breakfast next...'

We give people in racing a weekly grilling...

Today Top northern-based blog dog Lucy Ewart, 16 months

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given? Never go down holes smaller than yourself

Who would play you in a film? Lassie (not very similar to me but has the experience)

Favourite smell? Chicken

One thing you would change about your life? To be a little bit taller

Who do you most admire? Booty my lurcher pal as she is a mean hunter despite carrying an injury

Five words to describe yourself? Loyal, enthusiastic, trier, pint-size, entertaining!

Best days racing? Being allowed into the paddock with Lord Wishes winning - thanks Musselburgh

Best bet? Too young for that but would have a go on Captain Americo next time out

Earliest racing memory? When I was handed over to the Ewarts by Wynstay terrier man Paul Connolly at Aintree September 2011

Which racecourse would you recommend for a first timer? Kelso - they are all bonkers in a very nice way and its always fun

Last film you saw? Forced to watch The Bourne Legacy last Saturday would have preferred Beethoven 2

Playlist? 'Wish I was a little bit taller I wish I was a baller' 'who let the dogs out' you get the gist....

Song you never want to hear again? How much is that Doggie in the Window - just how annoying is that?

Horse to look out for? Teo Vivo great start in his bumper and jumps for fun

Trainer/Jockey to watch out for? I said I was loyal! JPLE and Brian Hughes

Guiltiest pleasure? Ice cream and pistachio nuts

Most unappealing habit? Burping loudly after my morning milk

Favourite pub/restaurant? Too young for pubs so Pelosi's cafe in Langholm for its ice cream

Race most like to win? The Scottish National as a start anyway!

How do you relax away from racing? Easily

One thing you would like to do before you die? To get into the paddock at Cheltenham and then the winners enclosure of course

Biggest regret? Its a shame to have regrets especially at my age but probably that I have little time away from racing to see my family and friends as much as I should

Worst thing that anyone has said to you? You can't go racing today

Ideal dinner party guests? Mr Pedigree Chum to negotiate a sponsorship deal JP McManus to have a chat about a certain Langholm trainer, a growth hormone specialist and Fern my new best friend

What did you have for breakfast? Usually cup of milk and two biscuits from Stan the Postman but today Santa's left over milk and mince pie

What was the last book you read? Come on - I am a dog!

Favourite horse ever? Lord Wishes (if your a regular reader he was tipped up before he arrived on the boat)

Specialist subject on Mastermind? The mood swings of J P L Ewart
Strangest/Funniest thing ever seen on a racecourse? Again a bit young for many yet but one someone told me about was JPL again early in his career - jumping in front of Nasrha (the biggest heaviest horse he has ever trained) at Carlisle after she lost her jock early in the race as he knew she was entered up a few days later and could run again fresh ok if he got her stopped in front of the stands - it was never going to work and he was mown down Emily Davison style which could very well have been the end of that tale........

What or who really annoys you? Lazy people - with my terrier mind I just don't get them

Happy Christmas everyone... I’ll be on the lookout for Santa and his Reindeer's tonight!

Cheltenham Preview Night

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