Sorry that I have been a bit quiet lately - I had to have a few days’ recovering from the party last weekend for our owners. We had a great day with the sun shining and I had lots of fun playing with the children and other doggies. Head over to the gallery to have a look at a few of the photos

I was even allowed to join in the parade and my friend Max ended up sloshed in the fish pond as did a few others hee hee!

Sadly the month has flown by that Stanislas was with us and he went back to France this week - even if he becomes too tall to be a jock he would make a great bar man!

Stephanie Wills joined us for two weeks after she won a competition at the school where dad’s brother teaches. She is off to Rossdales next and we wish her lots of luck with her veterinary career.

David T is back from sunnier climates with a lovely new car named after his horse!

Dale was off to Newmarket for the week for his conditional course.

I managed to escape for a ride out one morning with the string - I had not realised they hack out over 6 miles on my legs that felt like 20 I can assure you!

Tex the back man was flown in and all the horses had a tweak and treatment and seem very happy afterwards.

Nice to see some new helpers - Chloe is back a steep learning curve from Blackie to a Cheltenham winner!

I was also babysitting Otto one afternoon what a job I had picking up his crumbs! (Yum) The horses started cantering as well... Hold on tight!!

Luce xx
Cheltenham Preview Night

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