Lucy's Blog 28th November

Good morning all, well a little update from me! I have been busy yet again the last couple of weeks in my new role as Head of Security!

A great turn out for the Tapeta Gallop opening last week. The best bit for me was definitely the bacon rolls but everyone else was mightily impressed that Michael and Joan Dickinson came over from America (bit before my time) and dad was given lots of useful tips.

Michael Dickinson & JE (Dad)!

On Friday we had the Kelso Members over, they came as a big bus load on a visit which was well organised by Lou Grey and Richard Langdale. They all seemed very jolly and enjoying themselves - apparently a few litres of Bloody Mary (dads favourite) on the way over helped!

I have a nice new car to come to work in now as the old Mitsubishi Shogun has gone up to car heaven (as Laura used to say aka the death trap). Anyway someone has rudely put a dog guard up in the back of the new one - the cheek! So I attempted to climb over the top and was stuck hanging in the air for a whole lot before someone rescued me – will have to think of another plan – any ideas?

With the shooting season well underway my escapee Lurcher partner in crime ‘Booty ‘ and I managed to bag our own pheasant.  We were quiet proud of ourselves even managing to do all the plucking but sadly mum was not so happy when she found the feathers all over the boot room and me happily chewing on the head! So I have gone back to the safer option of my other favourite treat – ice cream! - not really the weather for it now but I just love it - Ben and Jerrys Phish Food the best flavour so far.

I am looking forward to the runners this week - lots to look forward to and I even locked myself in the racing room in protest of needing an outing soon.

We also have our first box at Kelso on the 9th December and a sponsored race - will have to speak to Lou and Richard about dogs being allowed in for the day.

The new lorry has finally arrived let’s hope it’s a lucky one!

Good Luck to you all with this weeks racing!


p.s I hear I might be getting my very own ‘Craig Farm Tartan Rug’ made up courtesy of the latest syndicate member to join up – Patricia Cook. What a great idea this syndicate has been bacon and new clothes – what more does a girl need?

Cheltenham Preview Night

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