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Lucy's Blog 26th May

Very excited as my furthest travelling follower is coming to see me next week Sarah Milburn from Ibiza, I will have to try and behave until then!

Everyone was too busy watching the schooling some new thing called Prince de Roc, that they all seemed pretty pleased with and I was not getting nearly enough attention so shot down a hole -sadly I was spotted and hauled out by my tail - how rude!

Went to The Douglas pub for lunch after visiting the horses all sunbathing at Thorniewhats Livery but found the chat and drink too boring so had a snooze dreaming about rabbits instead.




Also went over to Anne Frasers to take some of the other horses away for the summer holidays, met a nice new friend in Chris.... Although her bed was a better option than entertaining!






Started school this week everyone having to do their CPC training to allow them to drive the wagons -more snoozing!

A nice work experience girls here this week and a new friend in Natalie Moses


Looking forward to Kelso and Cartmel this bank holiday weekend.

Good luck everyone

Lucy x

James Ewart Racing Newsletter Issue 9
Willie Cowe


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