Sorry that I have not been writing in the last week or so I am embarrassed to say that I got stuck down a hole! It was pretty flattering knowing how many people care about me and a big thank you and apology for the worry caused.

The kind men from Sure wave Technology at least were able to detect the efficiency of their kit and hopefully they will have many more human lives to save in the future – a massive thank you to them and also to Ann Freer’s bloodhound and everyone else who helped.

I am getting my strength back now and feeling better by the day.

With the nights getting a little colder all the warm stable rugs are coming out and Mrs T whose job description never ends was roped in cattle tagging! – p.s. she is likely to give anyone not toeing the line an earful as well ha!

The stunt rider is a little down in the dumps as he has fallen off more times in a week than the whole of last season. The final straw for him was when he landed on his bum on a traffic cone – no laughing allowed!

There is a new Craig Farm Club Syndicate in the offing – the first horse Unex Canaletto is flying on the gallop – (see me inspecting) why not come and join in the fun.

Here are some details on the new 'Craig Farm Syndicate' for the forthcoming season.


Cheltenham Preview Night

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