I have just about used up my ‘milking it’ cards now after my great escape but Stan the postman is still giving me extra biscuits in the morning so no complaints.

Everyone is very excited about the new Tapeta surface on the gallop - especially me as it suits my action far better than the sand!

There is absolutely no water left on it despite the monsoon season we seem to be in once again. It is open now for public use and there is a press morning with Michael Dickinson on 14th November at 9.30 a.m. for anyone wishing to come and see it in action. Bacon Rolls and Tea and Coffee will be served throughout the morning.

David T decided to christen the surface on the first day of its use with Sharivarry to give James an accurate going description and he reliably informed me it rides (after landing from height onto his backside) on the fast side of good!

First runners are about in the offing which is just as well as it feels like there is a steam cooker about to be let off everywhere you go so I have kept out the way a bit more than usual. I can assure you they will be fit and raring to go.

Yogi Breisner has been up to do some schooling and there was a trip to Musselburgh this week which I did not go too as I am waiting for the jumping to start before I go up there next.

We now have a really nice pointer from Sue Smith – so it looks like my Sundays throughout the winter are nicely organised.

‘Certain people’ had a late night or early morning last week end with the Point to Point awards – well done to Tristan and Victor winning all the prizes again. It did not change anything on Sunday however with everyone in and schooling and a visit from David Cormack of The Racing Forum who has written a brilliant article (as I get a mention!). Link to follow this week.

The whisper on the gallop is French newcomer Rockawango he is so fast I can barely keep up.

See you all racing soon,

Cheltenham Preview Night

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