Lucy's Blog 17th December

Christmas has come early at The Craig not only the snow but three shiny new horses over from Ireland all to run this season. Brian Hughes practically met them off the boat to have a sit on them! – please check the website in a few days and we will have all the info up.

Brian on Bellgrove

I am pulling out a bit light at the moment as poor David T has not been in with my ginger and lemon cake that Alison usually makes weekly. He has been in the wars with a broken wrist - Sharivarry is so sharp he stopped dead at a piece of black tape on the gallop unshipping him – not happy with that horse!

Good to see the home team having some rides recently with Dale Irving 3rd on Herons Mill and 4th on Vosges and James Smith on Snuker. No chance of it going to their heads as JPL soon had them on the end of a wheelbarrow-  loading up the horsebox after racing in their suits!

Jockeys Dale & James grafting (that's what I like to see)!

Kelso all went very well with Captain Americo going so close in the Borders National - surely he deserves some reward in a stayers race this season. - The box and sponsored race was a great success.

Here is a sneak preview of me in my new tartan rug. -  I just need David T to make his matching kilt debut!

This week I have also had a road test of the new lorry and it handles very well!

Power Steering - it's amazing!

You must have had your head in the sand if you have not seen Jockeys Gangnam Style by now with the outtakes even funnier. I have been trying to get the hens to do the chicken dance type bit with me as no one else seems interested to join in (least of all Mr Hughes ha).

A friend of mine Bonnie – jockey Zander Voy’s dog (we often have a talk at the races and I put some ideas into her head) went on the missing list for 5 days! - A longer disappearing act than mine! Whilst hunting is yummy and tasty the feeling is not so good afterwards- cold, sick and a telling off – almost like them hangovers that some I know get! Anyway she is safe and well and I must say a big thanks to all connections that helped look for her.

I will update more this week as the weekend has been a long but good one; we were up at Musselburgh -but what a cracking day - Lord Wishes did us proud with a first! Dad will be very happy! And Harry The Lemmon with a second on his first outing for us!

I think team Ewart may be celebrating before the Christmas party! - Speaking of which that is on the 22nd - which I am looking forward to – although Dad has been known to do a surprise morning taxi service around Langholm the morning after on the hunt for any latecomers!

Happy Christmas - Good Luck

Cheltenham Preview Night

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