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Sorry it has been a while since my last post; lots of work on at HQ to make sure all the horses are in the right races over the Christmas and New Year period.

Harriet is doing a great job now that I have given her an induction - i.e. ensure to tell me which lorry to get into on each day so I don't miss any racing.


     Me and Harriet working away!

We have had a few frosts so everyone is making extra effort to salt and grit and I have to give extra time to defrost my feet on the dashboard, good way to have a power nap too!


Now it's back to rain I am not a great swimmer so hoping we de-flood.

Lots of lovely present’s thank you, with Mrs Percy delivering boxes of treats for the troops; hot sausage rolls, mince pies and cakes – delicious! 


Think I’m old enough to be allowed to sample the JER damson gin so looking forward to that on Christmas Eve.


The JER Christmas party all seemed to go well and everyone got into work on time the following morning, a record! Stevie's song was another hit.

Runners at Newcastle are Un Guet Apens and Harry The Lemmon, let's hope that they can start the holiday period off well for the team. 

Lucy x


Sedgefield preview 18th April 2017
Cheltenham Preview Night

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