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Thought I had better blog whilst I had the chance, it has been a busy few weeks here at The Craig with some fantastic race days.

Whilst out and about at the track I thought I had better sample some of the rocket fuel being served at Musselburgh, what with two winners on the day – Rocklim and Ascot De Bruyere - it must be good stuff! They get 5 feeds per day at Craig Farm so I'm feeling a bit short changed with only one!

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Serves them right for not having a winner on the first day as they left me behind! I agree with Ruby Red everyone needs lucky Lucy's in their life. Aristo is fine and well and will be back in the Spring.

Roll on to Sedgefield and I was in attendance again to see a Craig Farm homebred romp in, in the Handicap Hurdle, we thought we were safe in the photo finish mainly due to the size of Snukers head!

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Office dance off - Ross Hyslop our new Office Manager has been seen to do some strange moves when he is answering the phone at declaration time - it should be a very serious time really but you are more likely to see him doing the foxtrot whilst telephoning owners and agents practicing for his Strictly Come Dancing stint Dumfries style - well done Ross all in a very good cause. Jamie Gormley has met his match in the dance moves stakes.

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Great fundraiser night organised by Colin Barnfather and Buck Racing for Dale Irving with about £1500 raised to go towards a new equisizer, so we will all feel we have contributed a little once Dales back firing in the winners. Thanks to all of you who supported the event. Dale is doing well spending the week down at Jack Berry House - a first class facility for rehabilitation. 

This week saw us at Carlisle with Sa Suffit who is 13 years young and still takes no nonsense from anyone and would never let a younger competitor get near him at home, on track he travelled well and stayed on and the following day from the race he was just as fresh - this horse really does deserve a winning pot.

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Also new to The Craig is a fantastic piece of kit – a Go Pro, a small camera we can rig up to the jockeys - as demonstrated by Ross and Tom Forsyth. This will allow us to video horses at work and on the Gallops. Please click the below link to see the first recording. This is really going to be great to follow the horses steps and ridden work both for the stable and the respective owners. I have heard you can get a dog harness for this too... Interesting!


                                  james ewart racing lucy blog 10

We have the 2yos and 3yo's out in the string now going well with all the previous homework paying dividends now and we will look forward to their futures - catching the eye Dunly, Porto Du Sud, Green Tikkana, Marrochino and Sparks of Gold.  

Have a great weekend.


Sedgefield preview 18th April 2017
Cheltenham Preview Night

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