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A Mid September Blog from Lucy

I am in the dog house with Lucy Alexander as I chased her on one of the trainers many favourites and she made a nice shape on the sand apparently she is now getting me a tether for Christmas! – Charming!

The new Stables were up in time for the owners day and look very smart and have been named after our much missed friend Willie Cowe.




 Rockawango ran very well in 2nd at Hamilton and will head back there at the end of the month a bit of rain needed (sorry guys)!

We have a box at Kelso’s twilight meeting on the 17th September - I am now surely guaranteed a badge racing all season after this comment from one of my Twitter followers Millie Broon

 @MillieBroon: @jewartracing Lucy was NOT at Perth. Do you think I go racing to look at horses?!

New easy fix fences and Hurdles and rails are up and we are looking more like Kelso Racecourse at Langholm now!




Been a while since I've mentioned bums on the ground - not too many but a stylish flower pot head banging display by Nikki (ex racer Time Out) Graham. Dan Brown (Scorpion's Sting stuntman) also had a little random dismount in the sandpit... And my friend Lucy of course!!

Happy Birthday today to new Craig Farm Syndicate member Kate Clarke!

Sand getting a bit deep for me to cross but essential winter drainage prep going on!




Tea finished and now it is Bedtime 


Have a great week and see you soon!

JER News 15th October 2014
Horse Parade List Owners Day August 2014


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